Shake Your Groove Thing! #43 w/ Boca 45 & Winston Smith

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14 septembre 2018 @ 21 h 00 min – 15 septembre 2018 @ 2 h 00 min
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Boca 45 ( 45 Live / Uk) de retour au Fat, autant dire qu”on se réjouit à l’avance. Préparez vous pour un gros set Break-Funk-Soul ou Hip-Hop!
comme d’hab au Fat, paf: 4E

Boca 45 (Scott Hendy)
immersed himself in all things Hip Hop from a young age and has been unleashing productions upon the world for 20 year under his various guises. Delivering ground breaking records as part of Bristol’s now legendary Purple Penguin which was formed with Ben Dubuisson and then going on to form Dynamo Productions with Portishead’s acclaimed resident Dj;Andy Smith, they found a new place musically, fusing the best elements of Hip Hop, funk and beats. The duo quickly picked up a residency at Fabric live and found themselves taking their new sound across the globe. Following hot on the heels of Dynamo Productions’ great success, the debut Boca 45 Lp was delivered on Manchester’s Grand Central records to huge acclaim. Collaboration has always been an important factor of Boca’s DNA and along the way further Collaborative projects continued to develop “The BeeKeepers” (with Parker), “BocaWoody” (with 2 time world champion DJ Woody), “Malachai” (with singer Gee) on Domino Records – which was named Zane Lowes hottest record of the week & gained HUGE critical acclaim across their 3 LPs. There was also a string of vocal collaborations including with “The Heavy” (Ninja Tunes) lead singer Kelvin Swaby. Boca 45 is also a DJ of some renown having taken to the stage across the worlds clubs and festivals. Banksy personally requested him to Dj at the opening party for Dismal Land and he can also include Serge from Kasabian and Huey Morgan at BBC Radio 6 as part of his larges group of fans.

It’s been quite a musical journey and ‘Bombs From the Vaults’ represents the musical highlights of that journey. An anthology of all things Boca 45 spanning the 20 years he has been delivering the musical goods! The compilation is packed with classics, forgotten gems and also some new exclusive music in the form of the amazing ‘Hand Of God’ and ‘The Bear Pit’ (a Collaboration with Bristol Funk outfit – Mohawkestra) which is named after an under pass in Scott’s native Bristol where men would actually fight with Bears as a form of entertainment! No need to wrestle bears for entertainment here, this lovingly curated album delivers so many musical treats across the 29 tracks. Crossing boundaries between funk, hip hop and breakbeat. Not only that but there is also a live Dj mix of the album included expertly crafted by Boca 45 himself. An essential purchase.