Luxury Tech Conference 2021

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1 novembre 2021 @ 10 h 00 min – 13 h 00 min
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Bearing the growing coronavirus concerns, the Luxury Tech Conference 2020, the invitation-only event focussed on luxury retail and designed exclusively for senior-level executives and VCs in the industry, is being postponed from 25 March 2020 and will now take place TBA 2021.

This decision comes after thoughtful deliberation in consultation with the industry stakeholders. Having spent the past several months preparing for the conference with speakers and partners, we genuinely regret to postpone the event. With the safety and comfort of the attendees as our top priority, we hope to see the conference at full capacity once the situation has been resolved.

We would like to thank everyone who expressed interest in the Luxury Tech Conference, the number having already exceeded 5,000.


An invitation-only event, focussed on luxury retail and designed exclusively for senior-level executives and VCs in the industry.

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Discover the technologies that lead luxury retailers to breakout growth.

Although the luxury tech market is still in its infancy, it is ripe with opportunity. According to CB Insights, luxury tech companies have already attracted investments that collectively totaled about $2.7 billion. With AI (a $4.5 billion market), AR/VR ($4.4 billion), and digital signage ($3.6-billion) showing signs of continuous growth, luxury tech solutions are paving the way for the immersive shopping experiences of the future. Based on Cappasity’s analysis, the projected luxury tech market is estimated to reach $13 billion by 2025.


– How immersive technologies impact customer experience today
– 3D technology for luxury businesses
– AI for luxury retail
– What is augmented shopping?
– Virtual fitting room for luxury goods
– The impact of 5G technology on production and delivery of digital content in the high-end market
– How immersive technologies can make the luxury fashion industry more sustainable

The official languages of the conference are French and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Tailored to the interests of retail’s decision-makers and leading experts, the Luxury Tech Conference 2020 will begin with the official opening ceremony for Cappasity’s newly established office in Paris. Afterwards, guests and speakers of the conference will be able to examine the latest demos of tech solutions meant to reimagine the future of the industry. After a brief coffee-break, the conference will continue with the Luxury Tech Market panel discussion, led by experts in high-end retail. The conversation will revolve around the impact of technology on the luxury market.


To receive accreditation, please contact, stating your First Name, Last Name, and the Media you represent.


Luxury Tech Conference 2020
Une conférence organisée par Cappasity
Paris, France

Venez découvrir les technologies et meilleures pratiques de croissance des marques du luxe lors de la Luxury Tech Conference 2020

Certes naissant, le marché de la tech pour les marques de luxe n’en est pas moins prometteur. D’après CB Insights, les entreprises spécialisées dans les technologies du luxe attirent déjà des investissements estimés à 2,7 milliards de dollars au total. Les marchés de l’IA (4,5 milliards de dollars), AR/VR (4,4 milliards de dollars) et de l’affichage numérique (3,6 milliards de dollars) montrent tous des signes de croissance continue. Les solutions technologiques du luxe sont donc au cœur des expériences de shopping immersives du futur. Selon l’analyse de Cappasity, le marché des technologies du luxe pourrait représenter 13 milliards de dollars d’ici à 2025.

La Luxury Tech Conference 2020, l’événement dédié aux intérêts des décideurs et experts du retail, débutera par la cérémonie officielle d’ouverture des tout nouveaux bureaux de Cappasity à Paris. Les personnalités invitées et les intervenants qui s’exprimeront lors de la conférence auront ensuite l’occasion d’assister à des démos des solutions technologiques qui promettent de réinventer l’avenir de ce secteur d’industrie. Après une courte pause-café, la conférence se poursuivra par une table ronde Luxury Tech Market animée par des experts du retail haut de gamme, où il sera question de l’impact de la technologie sur le marché du luxe.