Funk and Soul Revue

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6 novembre 2021 @ 18 h 00 min – 21 h 00 min
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As usual, I want to thank the Immortal Laura Reynolds and my Secret Weapon Andrew Berger. This episode was a long time coming, and it’s one that we haven’t done before. I try to incorporate all my musical tastes into our shows, but doing a full episode on Funk music is a first. To be perfectly honest, it was Laura’s childhood experiences that brought the Funk episode into fruition. You will hear her speak, firsthand, about how she was first introduced to this genre of music. So stay tuned!

The Mark After Dark Show » airs this Saturday at 2:00 PM EDT, here in New York City, 1:00 PM CDT and 11:00 AM PDT. on So, I hope you’ll tune in!