Antiquarian Book Fair

Quand :
7 octobre 2022 @ 16 h 00 min – 17 octobre 2022 @ 0 h 00 min
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PREREGISTRATION IS LIVE virtual book fairs have been helping to connect exhibitors and shoppers of rare books and ephemera all over the globe. Collectors come to these quarterly events looking for fresh-on-the market materials from their favorite booksellers. They often discover new exhibitors and collectibles in the process, and have the opportunity to chat with sellers via our exclusive chat function.

This October, the fourth virtual fair will run in conjunction with the lineup of West Coast fairs happening this coming fall. If you’re not able to attend one of these events in person, you’ll be able to shop participating exhibitors’ booths via from October 7–16. Exhibitors will have the chance to reach a wider audience for their in-person booth, and also market their pieces to collectors before the events begin.

Preregister on or after 9/16 to automatically receive $10 in BiblioBucks to use at the fair:

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